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Buy a Yacht

San Diego Yacht Sales 

Spacious harbor and great weather make San Diego truly a bona fide “boat capital” of California. We at San Diego Yacht Sales, help people find a yacht that is just right for them. We understand that it’s not less than any pinnacle achievement to buy a yacht in San Diego for many. This is why we believe that buying a yacht should not be taken lightly and without enough research. 

We go the extra mile to help find your perfect yacht and guide you during the process of buying a yacht. 

First Time Yacht Buyers

Whether you want to become a weekend sailor or just want to spend some time relaxing with your family, making the right choice is crucial. If you are not sure what you must look for in your first yacht, let us help you. We will show you the different options we have and help you understand the pros and cons of each one. We will clear all your doubts before we take you through the purchase process. 

Seasoned Boat Owners

If you already have some experience and this is not the first time you are going to buy a yacht in San Diego, you probably have an idea of what you want in your next purchase. We will help you go through different options and share details of the boat that catches your interest. We won’t sell you a yacht until you are sure that you are sure about your choice. You can check as many options as you want and we will be there by your side. 

Yacht Buying Process

Whether it’s your first time or you are a pro at buying boats, we will help you throughout the buying process. We follow the guidelines shared by the California Yacht Broker Association to protect the seller and the buyer. Before you make an offer, you can check the vessel but cannot turn on any systems. You can’t even take the yacht out for a spin to see how it works. 

How to Make an Offer?

Once you have found a nice option for your needs, we will work with you to help you determine if the vessel is the one that you are interested in. Using the CYBA Purchase Agreement, you will have to make a formal letter. You can negotiate the price with the seller and sign it when you are sure about making the purchase. 

Within the agreement, there are contingencies that state that the buyer has the right to take a sea trial, perform a mechanical survey, and a marine survey. It’s up to you if you want to add financing contingency too. It also states that the buyer has the right to step out of the deal when any of these contingencies are completed and will get the full deposit back. 

While taking the sea trial, you can test the complete system including how the vessel handles underway. On getting a good idea of whether the boat is what you wanted it to be or not, you can make the final decision of making the purchase or not. If you decide to move forward with the purchase, you can move ahead with the marine survey and mechanical survey. 

Completing the Purchase

When you have approved the sea trial and accepted the surveys, you are ready to buy a yacht in San Diego. Once the funds are transferred to the seller’s account, you become the owner of the yacht.